Welcome to My Blog.

For the many years that I have been on the internet,

I have never made any substantial amounts of money.

So what had I been doing wrong?

I already knew the answer.

It was simply that I was not hungry enough to be serious about getting rich, and I was one of the older generation.

Too many times I would drift away to YouTube and be drawn into the many different videos that provided enough entertainment to keep me riveted to the screen till it was time to log off. Valuable time wasted and lost forever.

It was time to wake up.
Being retired and on a pension, I soon realised that my days of a J.O.B. and the earning power that went with it, were well and truly gone. I needed extra income to supplement my pension to allow me freedom of movement and holidays. Money is not important when you have enough of it. But it become the focus of attention when you don’t have it!

The Internet has the answer.
I then think back to all those programs I joined and had half hearted attempts to make some money when I didn’t really need it. They gave me a challenge and I enjoyed the chase in some of the programs, but left out some of the important things, deciding it was not for me and quit. After all it was not all that expensive to join, so I never lost much!
If only I had all that money I wasted on them, I would recover a sum I don’t want to think about.

Lets get Serious.
Research the web and find those people and programs that actually work and really do produce real money. And not just small sums, lets go for the big one!

The Older Generation.
 I like many others, I grew up at a time when there was No Internet and it took a while to figure out just what the Internet was. We had a new thing to deal with, and some of us have not quite dealt with it all yet. I now realise that although I was sure I could master this animal and make a fortune, I have to admit that most of the computer language was going over my head. So that was the final reason to abandon any hope of making money on the Internet.

The Good News.
The good news was that I realised that I had picked up enough to find my way around, I could discover programs that would help people to find a solution to some of the problems that occur in this life. I felt more at home with this than chasing programs that promise all – and deliver nothing.

The Blog.
I loved working this new tool, (the Internet), and loved writing on it, (besides watching YouTube) and changed direction. I found programs that were really helping me and other people to find an income.  So I am here to help people find the programs that work. Earn them an income and one for me as well!

The following pages will be programs I have found showing you a way to start an income or start a business.


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